Biomass Boilers

Central Heating Boilers Fuelled by Wood Pellets.

If youíre looking for an alternative and cost effective way to heat your home then a Biomass Boiler could be a good option.

Heating with wood pellets is regarded as a carbon neutral energy source, when pellets are burnt they release energy absorbed during the trees growth which is equal to the CO2 absorbed during the trees growth.

The Pellets are made of 100% re-cycled natural wood, shavings and sawdust that are compressed under high pressure, pressed into small cylindrical rolls and held together by lignin, a compound thatís contained naturally in wood.

This results in a clean, convenient fuel with a high calorific value and very low ash content (0.2%).


With advanced combustion technology modern biomass boilers are perfectly designed to burn either split logs or pellets as a fuel, resulting in very low emission values. Extremely high efficiency levels are also achieved through the combustion of this environmentally friendly fuel.


With automatic transportation of the pellets to the combustion chamber, automatic ignition, self-activated cleaning and large ash container modern biomass combine to provide a convenient alternative.

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