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Youíre at work, suddenly youíre aware of a problem, production may be affected, staff could be inconvenienced, the owner is concerned, and itís now your problem.

With a call to Fairways you know that a friendly, dependable team is on the way, with the best course of action to resolve your electrical problem. We leave your work place having reassured you that you have found your safety net, donít worry we will help you with all your electrical maintenance surprises.

At Fairways Electrical Ltd we care about your business and provide a thorough design service for your electrical system which is crafted using high quality components. Careful consideration is also given to possible future expansion of your operation and above all to ensure reliability for you to remain efficient and profitable.

Would you be prepared if a check on your business is carried out following an accident, fire or environmental health enquiry?

We can help you comply with Health and Safety guidelines by carrying out safety checks on your electrical system correct any problems noted and work to towards the issuing of your Electrical Installation Certificate which is essential to obtain for your peace of mind.

The electrical system you use constantly may not have been designed to suit the way you operate but copes with the demands you place upon it every day.

However, you may need to add power sockets, computer points, telephone outlets, broadband access, suitable lighting, fire alarms, burglar alarm or till points and could all be installed exactly where you need them to make doing business easier and more profitable.

The everyday demands on the electrical system in your premises can sometimes cause deterioration of the cabling, switches, sockets and fuse boards in use at your business.

Call Fairways Electrical Limited today for an honest appraisal of your electrical system which you depend on every-day, to be sure it is up to date and in tip top condition.

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