Electrical - Industrial

Cabling systems.

Fairways Electrical Ltd can supply & install cabling for most applications by using the correct type of protection or containment for the cables to minimize any damage which may happen during normal service.

Factors that can affect the condition of the cabling which has been installed are known as external influences. This may include damage from ambient temperature, sun, rain, frost, pests and insects or even persons causing malicious damage.

To minimise these effects we may use galvanized steel conduit, steel wired armoured cables SWA, Fire Rated Cables for the cabling system if a risk of damage is present and after careful consideration of the external influences which may be present at the location.


We can supply & install high bay lighting, low bay lighting, intrinsically safe light fittings for special applications, fluorescent light fittings or low energy lighting systems including LED low energy green solutions. We also recommend various types of vandal proof fittings if the external influences at the location indicate this may be required.

Emergency Lighting.

A suitable emergency lighting system in use at your workplace is invaluable if a sudden evacuation is necessary due to a fire. In the event of a power failure this lighting system could help you and your staff leave the building safely by illuminating the designated escape routes and may assist fire crews who may need to enter the building to locate any missing persons or livestock.

Power Points.

The use of extension leads for continuous use in the workplace is not recommended and we would be happy to quote for extra double switched socket outlets if required.

We are able to design and install socket outlet points in convenient places with local RCD protection to minimize disruption to your workforce and other equipment.

Machine Isolators.

We can supply & install new electrical circuits to feed a machine you have. This may include a design for the type of cabling system required, the size of the cabling needed, the type of circuit breakers or distribution board, the location of the rotary isolator switch which may include motor rated fuses adjacent to your machine.

Fire Alarm.

We can supply & install a new fire alarm system which conforms to the latest regulations, including design calculations, as fitted drawings, commissioning certificates and servicing log books.

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