New Build Heating & Lighting

If you are thinking of building a new property or house then please get in contact.

With modern building techniques and new energy efficient stipulations most of the older housing stock that is available was also built with old wiring and electrical supply needs.

However, new build properties have a different set of requirements to suit today’s demands and Fairways Electrical Ltd can advise on how to wire your new property with your specific requirements in mind.

You may need internet & data cabling in additional rooms or super low wattage lighting coupled with Solar PV panels or you might be thinking of heating your property with an Air Source Heat Pump.

Planning on how best to Heat and Light your property, as well as making sure that all of today’s modern devices work to their peak performance is essential. A well thought out and executed plan also means you can take advantage of the most cost efficient way to reduce your energy needs and reduce your energy costs.

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