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Air Conditioning

We can make the temperature in your home comfortable all year round with an energy efficient cooling and heating system installed.

Air conditioning systems not only offer one of the best ways to control the temperature of an environment, but also manage it in highly energy efficient manner!

In the summer months the units operate to ‘comfort cool’ rooms, during the winter the system is ‘reversed’ to provide heating (acting as an environmentally friendly air source heat pump).

Single Split Systems

The most common form of air conditioning in domestic properties are ‘single split systems’ (a single indoor & outdoor unit per system), which provides the best control keeping the room at the precise temperature you require.

Alternatively for multiple rooms there is the choice of a ‘multi-split’ system, allowing multiple indoor units for each room to a single outdoor condenser unit, or a large central ducted unit. (This type of installation is cost effective as one unit can serve several bedrooms or in some bungalows the whole property).

All air conditioning systems work by re-circulating the air within the property, which gives the opportunity to remove a lot of air born particles like pollen and dust. This makes your home even more comfortable for those who suffer with allergies like hay fever. 

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